COVID_19 Detection Kit

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COVID-19 Virus Transport Medium


  • Maintain viral viability during transport.
  • Increase the positive detection rate.
  • The antibiotics inhibit bacterial growth.

COVID-19 Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (Dual-RTPCR)


  • Time to result within 2 hours.
  • Detection ORF1ab and N genes in a single tube.
  • No cross-reaction with other coronaviruses.
  • Compatible with mainstream qPCR devices.

COVID-19 Virus Nucleic Acid Purification Reagents


  • The obtained nucleic acid has high yield, high purity and stable quality.
  • Easy to operate and it only takes 20 mins for one sample.
  • Widely applicable to different types of samples: swabs, whole-blood, serum, etc.

COVID-19 Virus Sampling Tube


  • Effectively inactivate virus to ensure bio-safety.
  • Improve test sensitivity.
  • Allow room temperature storage of RNA
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