Determine Skin Tone

Genetic natural color of eyes and hair – As a rule of thumb, normally people with blue, green or gray eyes with blond, black or brown hair have a cool skin tone. Additionally, cool skin tones will have a pink or rosy undertone. Those people with brown, black, or hazel eyes and have black, brown, blond, red, or strawberry blond hair are usually have a warm skin tone and have a golden or apricot undertone. However, there are always exceptions to the rule when trying to determine your skin tone by the color of your hair and eyes.

If after doing the above tests you are still unable to determine your skin type, you may fall into the neutral skin tone. Neutral skin tones can wear any color and look great, however neutral skin tones may lean towards either warm or cool. For instance, a neutral skin tone can look great in a warm color and fabulous in a cool color or vice a versa.

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