Since its launch in ’06 Lipobind has become one of the best selling slimming supplements in the united kingdom. Lipobind’s active ingredient basically reduces the fat intake from a meal by 27.4%. What this means is there’s no need to make any kind of changes to your eating habits to lower your intake of fat as well as calories by more than a 1 / 4. With Lipobind you’ll be able to reduce weight yet still enjoy the meals that you love, taking a supplement with a meal is a lot easier than cutting 27% the fat from it.

The new and improved Lipobind now includes important fat soluble vitamins (A, D, & E ) that replaces any you will lose by the reducing of fat absorption and boosts your overall health and well being. Not only will Lipobind lessen fat intake as well as replenish any lost vitamins, as the fiber complexes soak up fat and moisture in your stomach they will swell causing you to feel more full than usual therefore you consume less food in one go.

How exactly does it work?

What makes Lipobind function is a dried cactus extract called Litramine, it is patented and proven to decrease fat absobtion within the digestion system. Taken after having a fatty meal the Litramine in Lipobind links itself to fats in your stomach turning them into larger fat-fiber complexes, these are typically too large to be absorbed by the body and move through by natural means as waste. The fat-fiber complexes produced as the Lipobind absorbs the fat swells to create a gel, this makes you feel full this means you are generally fulfilled sooner and consume less.

How to use?

You can now either buy Lipobind in pill form or even in handy satchets. A packet contains either 60 tablets or 30 satchets, you need to use one satchet or one or two pills after food. 1 sachet equals two supplements and are compact enough to fit inside your handbag or pocket. The advantages of the Lipobind sachets is that they may be used without water so they are great for eating out.

Some other benefits

Not only does Lipobind make it easier to get it shape and provide your body with nutritional vitamins to keep your immune system strong, there are additional important health benefits. By stopping one fourth of consumed fat being absorbed by the body you’ll be helping reduce your blood cholesterol levels.

Are there any uncomfortable side effects?

Almost all who take Lipobind will not have any side effects, but it’s possible that you may experience bloatedness, stomach cramping, constipation, or diarrhoea. Having a low fat diet can reduce any possibility of side effects. The active element comes from a cactus, it doesn’t contain any kind of artificial colouring, allergens, flavorings, preservatives or gluten.

Who should not take Lipobind?

Lipobind is not recommended for children under twelve years or under 18 years if not under medical direction. Don’t take if your Bmi (Body Mass Index) is below 18.5. Do not take Lipobind when you’re pregnant or during nursing your baby.

Lipobind is aimed at people that have high fat eating habits, if you have a high carbohydrate diet that you might like to think about Decarb, it works in a similar way only with carbohydrates instead of fat. There is zero impact on your rate of metabolism either, but for those that obtain a large amount of their calories from fatty meals for example take aways, convenience meals and snack foods using Lipobind makes the entire process of dieting that much easier.

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