How to Interpret the Results of A Liver Health Blood Test?

If you place your hand over the area below your bottom rib on the right side of your body your hand will be over the area of your liver. The liver is estimated to have more than five hundred different functions. A good number of vertebrate animals, including human beings, own one, life will definitely fail if the liver stops working.

Your liver is an extremely important part of your body, a number of the livers uses include:

  • it makes bile. Bile breaks down the fats to be absorbed by the bowel.
  • processes the many medicine that you may take.
  • breaks down toxic chemical substances.
  • regulating iron for your body.
  • it helps to process fat from digested food.
  • holding glycogen (the main fuel used by your body) glycogen is made of sugar.
  • The energy will be taken by the body when it’s necessary.


Since the organ processes several various tasks as you would presume there exist a variety of diseases which can harm this organ, and this is the reason why keeping the liver healthy is essential.

Signs and symptoms associated with liver disease are normally undefined and that is if you notice them at all, for this reason a lot of men and women that have ranging degrees of damage to the liver remain ignorant of it.

Quite often, over three quarters of liver tissue needs to be damaged before there is a decline in function.

By gauging the degree of numerous proteins from your sample of blood liver function tests (LFTs) determine the health of the liver. if your liver is damaged at all these blood tests can show this. If your liver is damaged in any way, a few of the enzymes leak out into your blood and the enzyme level will likely be much higher than normal.

Who needs to think about taking a LFT? There are a number of reasons on which you’ll get instructed to think about taking the test, these include.

As a routine precaution after starting certain medicines to check that they are not causing liver damage as a side-effect

To watch out for detrimental impact of serious dieases like cancer on the liver.

To help with diagnosing diease of the liver when you experience suggestive signs or symptoms, like: abdominal aches, nausea, jaundice, you urine is darker than usual
You consume alcohol excessively.where to get one test contact us.

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