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Our companyis a Wholesaler, Distributor & Service Provider.

We have been in business for decades, and we pride ourselves on providing customers with the Best-Quality Products and tailored Services.

Waypharm (USA) LLChas the ability to manufacture, to wholesale and to export pharmaceuticals, Health & Beauty products all over the world directly and or through licenced partners, from approved and licensed sites.

Waypharm (USA) LLCmanufacture Anti-Cancer drugs, Nutrition and Functional Beverages ,Pharmaceuticals,Branded and Generics Products.

Waypharm (USA) LLCis also dedicated to distribute leading third party branded pharmaceuticals, Heath & Beauty Care, Toiletries, Nutrition and Food products at competitive prices.

Whenever possible,Waypharm (USA) LLCcan also at your request supply generics and or Private Labels to substitute third party branded products to get bigger discount.

If you are a company or a healthcare professional you need to qualify to use our dedicated

online B to B platform.Pleasecontactto enroll

If you are a patient or a consumer and have your prescription you can after being approved use the patients and consumers online store to buy any item for your own use.

At Waypharm (USA) LLCwe have experience of international distribution.

We are committed toGood Distribution Practice (GDP)and we are ableto meet your expectations.

Waypharm (USA) LLCwill during the first quarter of 2012 develop with a number of partners the concept of:

Functional Cancer Therapy:

It is an Alternative Cancer Program that treats the patient in a global and integrated manner.
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We thank you for visiting our site and wish to welcome you soon as our customers.

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